One of the most competitive and innovative economies in the world, Singapore reached in 2015 his 50 years. 50 years in which it has grown from doubtful viability to be one of the most prosperous economies in the world. Undoubtedly, Singapore is the country with the largest digital maturity in the region.

Million inhabitants (July 2015 est.)


GDP growth (2014 est.)


Internet penetration (2014 est.)


Mobile penetration (2014 est.)

Bandera de Singapur


Area: 701 km2

GDP per capita (PPA): $82,800 (2014 est.)

Inflation: 1.1% (2014 est.)

Unemployment: 2% (2014 est.)

HDI: 0.901 - 9º position (2013 est.)

Facebook users: 4,100,000 (Jun 2016)

Top Active Social Platforms: WhatsApp (46%), Facebook (43%), Facebook Messenger (26%), Instagram (18%) & Google+ (14%

Social Media Active users: 64% population (Jan 2016)

Braintree and the future of payments

It looks like yesterday! But oh, time and its illusions... In fact, it has been 8 months since we were in Singapore and we still had this amazing Braintree interview to be edited and published. Tyson Hackwood is the Head of Asia for Braintree, one of the most...

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[Documentary] State of FinTech in Singapore

When we began this adventure one year ago we had clear than in Singapore we wanted to talk to entrepreneurs in the FinTech sector. The (geek) economist we have inside could not leave the country without learn more about FinTech in Singapore and the reasons that make...

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Top Tech and Startup Summits in Asia

Attending events always help the networking and are the perfect excuse to connect with people in your industry. Regarding the entrepreneurial ecosystem, the different types of events held are important because: Events are a good showcase for new startups, so they can...

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