Mongolia is one of the largest countries in the world with less than 3 million inhabitants, one of the lowest population density (1.9 inhabitants per square kilometer). Just 1 in 6 people have permanent access to the Internet, but more than half of the population has 3G mobile access.

Million inhabitants (2014 est.)


GDP Growth (2014 est.)


Internet penetration (2014 est.)


Mobile penetration (2014 est.)

Bandera de Mongolia


Area: 1,566,500 km2

GDP per capita: $4,056.40 (2013 est.)

Inflation: 12.9% (2014 est.)

Unemployment: 7.7% (2014 est.)

HDI: 0.698 - 103º position (2013 est.)

TW users: 190,000 subscribers

FB users: 515,080 Facebook subscribers on Dec 2012

Top Search Engines: Google, with 91.25% market share (201o)

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