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China is the most populated country in the world and the fourth one in terms of area (6.5% of the global area). It is also the country with the highest number of active mobile lines (1.3 billion) and 1 out of 2 people have permanent access to Internet. In terms of digital ecosystem in China,it is completely different to what we know in the West: WeChat become indispensable in decision making for Chinese customers.

Million inhabitants (July 2015 est.)


GDP growth (2014 est.)


Internet penetration (2014 est.)


Mobile penetration (2014 est.)

Bandera de China


Area: 9,596,900 km2

GDP per capita: $12,900 (2014 est.)

Inflation: 2% (2014 est.)

Unemployment: 4.1% (2014 est.)

El dato solo registra a los desempleados urbanos, excluyendo el sector privado y los inmigrantes.

HDI: 0.719 - 91º position (2013)

Clasificación Doing Business 2015: 90 / 189

Top search engines: Baidu 71.35%, 360Search 13.28% & Sogou 12.37% (Oct. 2015)

Top Platforms: WeChat

Why the startup ecosystem is special in Shanghai?

Zhou Wei is one of those people who have things pretty clear. 41, he studied International Law in Beijing and at the London School of Economics. In 2000 he began working in strategic consulting at the prestigious Roland Berger in China. Before entering in the startup...

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The middle class disruption in China

"20 years ago was my first time in China, over the years I have witnessed the rapid economic development of China. It has been very shocking” Eric Schmidt With these words Eric Schmidt began his talk at the TechCrunch Beijing 2015. I have to say that I was not aware...

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