Best known for the Angkor Wat temples, the rests of the empire Cambodia was in the eleventh century. But in its recent history, the country suffered one of the most savage genocides in history with the Khmer Rouge. In recent years Cambodia have seen an economic growth based on tourism and the textile sector mainly.

For the moment they are a bit inmature regarding the startup and digital ecosystem in Cambodia. However, they count with promoters, both national and international, that push to generate an entrepreneurial mindset among young people.

Million inhabitants (July 2015 est.)


GDP growth (2014 est.)


Internet penetration (2016)


Mobile penetration (Jan 2016)

Bandera de Camboya


Area: 181,040 km2

GDP per capita: $2,805

Inflation: 1.2% (2014 est.)

Unemployment: 0.3% (2013 est.)

HDI: 0.584 - 136º position (2014)

Doing Business Ranking 2015: 135 / 189

Facebook users: 3,400,000 total users

Top Search Engines: Google (89.7%), Yahoo (3.6%) & Bing (3.3%) (2014)

Top Tech and Startup Summits in Asia

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