When we were in Beijing we tried to meet with Xin Zhang, Marketing Director of Megvii. Maybe you have not listened anything about them, but they created a super cool facial recognition technology that you may have used without noticing.
We love talking about startups in China, so we sent them some questions and here it is the result. So if you want to learn about the coolest face recognition startup in China keep reading.

Question: What is your company core business and service?

Xin Zhang: Megvii (short for Mega Vision ) is a leading image recognition technology and solution provider worldwide, we started cloud service business from 2012, known as, which has now become the largest face recognition platform.

Q: There are another face detection technologies in the market, what are your main advantages?

Xin Zhang: Our face recognition technology uses deep learning as continuable self-evolution. In this regard, we have solved glasses and age effects that made our algorithm better adaption to practical use.

Q: Your face detection technology can be used in a wide range of industries and for very different purposes. How do you plan to evolve your technology / service?

Xin Zhang: Currently, our business covers Cloud Service, Industry Solution and Intelligence Hardware. Main clients consist of those from Finance, Security, BI, Government, Telecom, Education, Medical Treatment and so forth. We are promoting a new concept, which is called “+Megvii”, that enable solutions from different fields more intelligent.

Startups in China: Face recognition software by Megvii

Q: Do you have a lot of foreign customers or is the Chinese focus your main target?

Xin Zhang: We offer cloud service, so you could see our technologies are used worldwide. We will have many branches in different countries in near future.

Q: What are the craziest things you can do with your technology? Any example to show?

Xin Zhang: Megvii SkyEye has made the imagination of movies such as Fast&Furious 7 become true, suspects or perpetrators can be recognized in millisecond once they showed up under the surveillance of our smart camera MegEye C1 or ordinary cameras that enabled by our technologies.

Megvii: the Chinese startup that will bring us a Minority Report future

Q: What is the future of this technology? Integrating it in different devices could have a high potential. We are thinking in “Minority Report” future…

Xin Zhang: The sceneries you described is coming soon, as long as database of every one could be queried someway, then a platform can offer services based on other biology features or FaceID which may include academic information, credit information and so forth.

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