It looks like yesterday! But oh, time and its illusions… In fact, it has been 8 months since we were in Singapore and we still had this amazing Braintree interview to be edited and published.

Tyson Hackwood is the Head of Asia for Braintree, one of the most innovative payment systems, now part of Paypal.

In his interview, he explained to us how we are in one of the best moments in history for startups and how growth is easier than ever.

Here is the video and below a short summary with some of our impressions and other ideas:

Growth is easy

Not that easy, I would say, but truth is that it is easier than ever: nowadays it is possible to count with a world presence, you can easily have a footprint in Asia without leaving your country.

3 ideas to grow your business

You don’t need to go to the big markets (at least, not first). It can be easier to find smaller countries (and niches within them) where you can serve more easily.

Find scalable partners. Partners that can grow with you.  

It is easier than ever to take ideas from other industries and apply them. You can follow great experience, you don’t need to be the first, you can be a fast follower.

Blockchain has the potential of change everything

Especially removing borders and helping to the cross-border commerce.

Payments without friction: the wallet 

If we store the payment data of the customer we are doing a great job eliminating the friction from the buying process. We don’t need to ask again, facilitating recurring purchases and increasing entry barriers (people won’t want to give their payment data to everyone, if we get their data, we will be part of a selected shortlist).

Singapore Startup Ecosystem

Startups in Singapore and Asia grow aggressively: normally they think in more than one country at the same time and they think mobile first.

For a deeper look into the Singapore Startup Ecosystem check this post by Tamara: State of Fintech in Singapore.

About Braintree

Braintree helps businesses of all sizes, from small to large enterprise, accept, process, and split payments to help maximize business opportunities and revenue growth. Companies around the world benefit from the technology and support of Braintree coupled with the scale, backing, and confidence of partnering with a PayPal service.

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