Undoubtedly one of the characteristics that distinguishes China from other countries, Asian and non-Asian, is its capacity to create domestic products. This ability together with the fast technological growth experienced in last decades has brought a new wave of business and tech leaders. Maybe they break with the Chinese stereotypes that we may have abroad. In recent years these Chinese tech leaders have worked to create strong enterprises both in the Chinese and International market.

These Chinese tech leaders have stood out in what some have defined as “uncharted waters” or even as the Chinese “Wild West”. This new environment was defined by:

1. Dynamic and fast-growing economy.
2. New private sector
3. New emerging industries where investment comes.
4. Institutional reforms.

For me a visionary leadership is marked by some characteristics such as results oriented, customer and human capital development as well as ethical values.

Correct me if you disagree, but these Chinese leaders are very close to this definition:

Jack Ma

Founder & Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group

Jack Ma quote

(Pony) Ma Huateng

Founder of Tencent

Ma Huateng quote


Lei Jun

Founder of Xiaomi

Lei Jun quote


Yang Yuanging

CEO at Lenovo

Yang Yuanqing quote


Robin Li

Chairman and CEO of Baidu Inc.

Robin Li quote
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